A Good Enough Mother

The 7 Step Formula to Let Go of Guilt

and Trust Your Parenting Skills

An essential guide for all mothers, stepmothers, and grandmothers who love unconditionally!

If you’ve ever:

• Doubted yourself or your parenting skills

• Battled with mother’s guilt

• Wondered if you’ve done enough

• Felt helpless that you couldn’t fix everything

• Questioned if you are or were a good enough role model

• Thought you should have, could have done more… or less!

Then this is an essential book for you. Discover how to recognise and let go of lingering guilts, blames, or shames that interfere with your relationship with your children. Uncover strengths you’ve hoped were there and trust to tap into your intuition and parenting skills.


Throughout this book, you’ll come to a peaceful understanding that you are a good enough mother. The author provides a simple guide for you to soar with confidence both as a mother and a beautiful, vibrant, and astounding woman too!


Lynne Lumley understands motherhood from many perspectives:

• As a proud mother of four, a step-mother to three amazing children and a Nonna to two scrumptious bundles of joy.

• And as a Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in helping Mums know that they are good enough.

As a mother, there were times when Lynne wondered whether she was good enough. She spent years in a desperate fight for her daughter’s life and shares their incredible journey of survival.


Lynne relates to any parent who has felt a sense of helplessness when forces beyond their control threaten their child.

As a Therapist, Lynne shares her wisdom and step-by-step strategies in the hope that other mums connect with their intuition to embrace the best version of themselves.

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