Do you find thoughts intrude on you when you are thinking about something else?

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Overcome your challenges without the drugs, the sense of hopelessness and the constant struggle.

Feel relaxed, empowered and excited about life again.

Traumatic memories don’t tend to fade like ‘normal’ memories…until they are processed properly.

Maybe certain things kind of remind you of that time and bring some of those feelings back?


Do you have nightmares? Do you ever re-experience the traumatic event or that period of your life almost as if it is happening again?

Or perhaps memories of the trauma feel really recent when the memories come to mind even if it happened a long time ago?

The Rewind Technique doesn’t require you to go through the memories in depth, and in fact if it’s easier for you, I don’t even need to know what happened - we can just refer to them by code words if you’d prefer.

The Rewind is relatively new, although the original technique it evolved from was created over 30 years ago. In the therapeutic world, it has been hailed as a bit of a miracle cure as practitioners have discovered just how effective it is. And the research studies are now coming out which back that up.

In utilising this protocol in addition to some other methods, I consider Rewind to be 95% effective. I can help you quickly and comfortably escape the horrors of post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD, using Rewind Technique as the base for the PTSD Program. This approach uses guided imagery and I normally expect to see a major improvement in symptoms after one session.

Although it is normal to experience some degree of fear at times, it may be problematic if it occurs when no real threat is present or if the symptoms persists long after the danger has passed. It is normal for some people to wonder if they have an anxiety problem or not, and whether they should seek help. If your anxiety is severe and/or disabling you may need treatment. 

Anxiety and panic attacks result from the inappropriate stimulation of the stress response pathways of the nervous system. To counter these pathways, anxiety hypnotherapy works by inducing a state of deep relaxation in order to turn off the stress responses.

During hypnotherapy, an increased level of suggestibility allows me as your Clinical Hypnotherapist, to use suggestion to entice you to feel more empowered and in control during situations that would otherwise cause the patient anxiety under normal circumstances.

It is important to know, that you never lose control but simply experience a gorgeous relaxation that allows your unconscious mind to access and heal the initial events and experiences of your present day difficulties. 

Imagine being able to achieve what you want in life without the constant struggle. Imagine bounding out of bed each day, feeling energised and positive about what the day will bring. You can leave behind the fear and the doubt and the hardship.

If you’re like some people, you are probably struggling with some emotional challenges or feelings that get in your way of achieving what you want from life. You sense that there is some problem, but you aren’t exactly sure what it is.


Year after year, it keeps you from living your best life and even causes your well-intentioned efforts to fail. Every time things don’t work out as you planned them, you find yourself falling further and further behind.

At Phoenix, the profoundly effective and surprisingly

rapid solution focused methodology utilised,

can help you overcome disorders such as:

  • ​Generalised Anxiety Disorder (excessive worrying)

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Panic Disorder (anxiety attacks)

  • Specific Phobias (fears of flying, death, snakes, spiders etc)

  • Social Anxiety

Until recently I believed ANXIETY was a disorder I had to live with and manage as best I could. I never imagined it was something I could irradiate from my life, after all it was MY anxiety and I had allowed it to build a home inside of my body. I practice yoga daily, I engulfed in meditation sessions and yet it was a constant struggle of managing the daily severity of my anxiety. Then I found Lynne Lumley a nationally accredited hypnotherapist at Phoenix Hypnotherapy who changed everything I was led to believe about ANXIETY. Lynne convinced me I could release ANXIETY for good and never have to manage it again. Trust me It took a good year for Lynne to finally get me into her clinic and witness her wisdom and magic unfold. I could go on for days about my recent experience but all I really need to tell you is I have spent 4 entire days after my last hypno session with Lynne completely free of any gut-wrenching ANXIETY. For the first time in my life. I want to tell you all to just DO IT! She is our combat against ANXIETY"

SB, Cleveland

Just completed my third and last hypnotherapy session with Lynne at Phoenix hypnotherapy in Cleveland. After struggling with PTSD, panic attack disorder, depression/anxiety after having my 3rd baby I was desperate to feel normal again. I was definitely not a spiritual person and did not believe in hypno but everyone seemed to be doing it lately and so I gave it a go. After one session I felt great and by 2 completely anxiety free. Back to being the best mother I could be to my children. I cant thank her enough. Anyone else who is struggling I strongly suggest talking with Lynne Lumley. She is so lovely and listens and understands the life of being busy mum.


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