Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy for Children can assist with childhood anxiety, bed-wetting & coping with bullying.

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Natural, proven Clinical Hypnotherapy combined with other modalities and skills offered at Phoenix could support and provide a positive outcome for your child.

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy for Children can assist with childhood anxiety, bed-wetting, separation anxiety, anger management, sadness, coping with bullying, childhood asthma, tourettes and tics, childhood traumas, stomach issues including IBS and Rumination Syndrome and so much more. 

As a mother of 4 of my own and 3 step children and Nonna to 2, I understand the great demands and pressures of today’s parents and that innate sense that you ‘just want to make things OK for your child. 

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It can be so isolating and stressful trying to support your child through the great pressures of this world.  I work with children from the age of 5 (if younger, please give me a call and we can discuss), with an individually tailored blend of Reiki Healing and Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, which is natural and highly effective.

I truly understand the importance of ensuring your child is comfortable and gives permission to move forward, so we usually have a bit of fun getting to know each other.

Gentle Reiki Energy Healing can be an amazing start for your child to assist in comfort and any nervousness they may have.  All modalities I practice can provide relief and ease for the child, however I endeavour to work in partnership with the parent/s and will discuss this before, during and after sessions. Concerned your child won’t be open to the treatments? Often parents are pleasantly surprised how the child eases into the sessions and it can be apparent how much they enjoy the sessions.

Please know, that hypnosis with children can simply be a process of story telling that inspires their vivid imagination to achieve solutions and to create a different way of seeing their problems, which can quite miraculously evolve into nothing.

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy for Children can assist with:

  • Childhood anxiety.

  • Bed-wetting.

  • Separation anxiety.

  • Anger management.

  • Sadness.

  • Coping with bullying.

  • Childhood asthma.

  • Tourettes and tics.

  • Childhood traumas.

  • Stomach Issues including IBS and Rumination Syndrome.

If you think that Hypnotherapy and/or Reiki may be of help to a child in your care, I’m happy to confidentially answer any questions you may have about hypnotherapy and children, so please give me a call to chat on 0438 411 551 or book a complimentary Discovery phone consultation on the ‘Book Here’ button.

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