Want to quit but just don't how?

I help smokers who have failed to quit in the past,

finally become a non-smoker in 90 mins

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You can completely stop smoking without any kind of withdrawals, simply quit... Just because you have had enough of being

a slave to this dreadful habit

Improve your health

Lay the foundations for health and lifestyle improvement, including advise on meals, snacks and useful strategies. Learn simple, mindfulness strategies to handle stress, including mastering the breath for sustainable, healthy living. 

What is a NON-SMOKER?

A ‘NON-SMOKER’ is someone who has completely

put the habit behind them for good.

A ‘NON-SMOKER’ can look back and acknowledge cigarettes with the perspective of it was something they used to do but they’re interested

in improving their life and health.

Success Rate?

I am absolutely certain that this advanced program is so effective that over 95% will stop smoking within the initial 90min session. The ongoing 40min session within 5days is your chance to follow up and ‘seal the deal’

We will work to ensure you have full understanding of why you smoke and strategies for ongoing success as a non-smoker.

Please note, as a member of Nationally Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy Associations, it is not lawful to give guarantees. *Results may vary from person to person.

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«Of 43 consecutive patients undergoing hypnosis 39 reported remaining non smokers – after 1 session.»​​

​University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington.

International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis Volume 49,

Issue 3, 2001. Joseph Barber 

FREE when you sign up  for Quit

Smoking program!

Instant Quit Smoking program, you will receive Lynne’s

Stop Smoking MP3 recordings, full of advanced hypnosis techniques to support you and

reinforce that you quit for good.

The music is at a Theta brain wave tone level which is designed to help you relax into sleep.


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