Distance need no longer prevent you from having effective help.  Hypnosis sessions via Skype is a safe, convenient, and

effective way of addressing a wide range of conditions. 

Online Hypnotherapy, via Skype, has proven to be an effective way of providing professional help for a growing number of people who would otherwise be unable to visit a therapist and is recognised by National Health authorities as a valuable resource and a reliable and confidential approach.


For those who may be suffering from OCD or agoraphobia, it can allow the least obstacles to be able to receive the therapy they need, without leaving their home. To enable this, the client will require a quiet, confidential space with access to the internet.


Firstly, please schedule a complimentary 20min consultation, so we can discuss and plan the ideal treatment plan for you. Ideally, if the environment is calm and private in your home, Skype Hypnotherapy works exactly the same as if you were here in my clinic. I use the same hypnotic language, the same tempo, tone and volume, and the results are equally transformational.



Please contact me with any concerns or questions you may have by

email lynne@phoenixhypnotherapy.com.au

or call me on 0438 411 551.

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